Amazing..! Benefits of soursop fruit for body Health

What are the benefits of soursop fruit for body health? Sirsak fruit has a sweet taste that is not only good on the tongue. More fully, Sirsak has many benefits as necessary to support the body to stay healthy.

Nutritional content of soursop fruit

The benefits are not other because of the complete nutrient content in soursop fruit. Before peeling the benefits or efficacy of soursop fruit for the body, here are given some nutrients in the fruit Soursak:

1. Fiber

The fibers contained in the soursop fruit are quite high. Fiber content is also needed to launch the digestive system as well as metabolism of the body.

Remarkably, the content of soursop fruit fibers can help to control weight. This is why Sirsak fruit is well included in your daily healthy diet menu.

2. Water

Soursop includes water-rich fruit. In 1 cup of soursop contained 183 grams of water. So by eating enough portions can taste the benefits of soursop fruit prevents dehydration of the body.

3. Carbohydrate

From lab test results known 1 glass of fruit soursop has 38 grams of carbohydrates as an energy source.

The content of soursop carbohydrates is much healthier than carbohydrates in cakes enriched with sugar or artificial sweetener.

4. Vitamin C

Soursop has quite high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is efficacious as a natural antioxidant as necessary against various disease attacks.

Moreover, the vitamin C of soursop fruit is also beneficial to prevent skin damage and heal wounds.

5. Potassium

In Sirsak, there are also known potassium content. Such potassium can help regulate blood pressure, bone repair, and body muscle formation.

6. Calcium and Phosphorus

In Sirsak also contains other mineral content such as calcium and phosphorus. In 100 grams of soursop contained 14 mg of calcium and 27 mg phosphorus.

Both minerals play an important role for bone formation and suppress the risk of osteoporosis.

With the presence of some nutrients are very reasonable when there are many benefits of soursop fruit for the health of the body. Then what are the benefits of Sirsak for a healthy body?

Benefits of Soursop Fruit

Sirsak fruit is refreshing when eaten directly or drunk with the addition of ice cubes. Who is thought when the fruit of Sirsak can not only refresh the throat alone.

The amount of nutrients contained in the soursop fruit as mentioned above, makes there are many health benefits that can be obtained when consuming it in adequate portions.

Here are some benefits of Sirsak for health:

1. Expel bad cholesterol

2. Maintain immune system

3. Maintain Bone health

4. Overcoming ulcers

5. Relieve Migraine Symptoms

6. Lock the Skin moisture

7. Treating hypertension

8. Minimizing the risk of uric acid

9. Preventing cancer

The benefits of soursop fruit is not less potent, namely preventing cancer. The reason in soursop fruit not only contains a myriad of beneficial nutrients.

There is also a phytochemical compound called Annonaceous acetogenins that can ward off various viral causes of chronic diseases such as cancer. Some cancers are even claimed to be prevented by consuming soursop fruit.

Call it starting from colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and so forth. In this case you can consume Sirsak fruit directly or processed first into a fresh juice.

These are some of the health benefits you can get from soursop fruit. Of course no one thought before, apparently the green fruit has many healthy efficacy.

Therefore, there is no harm in inserting the soursop fruit in the daily healthy meal in order to get a myriad of the benefits of soursop fruit for the health of the body.

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