Benefits of fruit Sawo for health

Fruit Sawo is one kind of fruit that is quite popular in our country. Sawo has a round shape with brown skin and flesh color. This fruit has a fairly distinctive flavor with a thin complexion. Fruit Sawo has a lot of good content for health because it contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins are good for health. Fruit Sawo has a lot of water content that is suitable to be used as a fresh fruit dessert.

Nutritional content of Sawo fruit

The fruit of Sawo has a lot of content for the body and has been proven through various reviewers.

Number of Sawo Fruit studied (Food Weight) = 100 gr

Sawo Edible Fruit section (BDD/Food Edible) = 79%

·    ENERGY: 92 kcal

·    Protein: 0.5 gr

·    Fat: 1.1 gr

·    Carbohydrate: 22.4 gr

·    Calcium: 25 mg

·    Phosphorus: 12 mg

·    Iron Substance: 1 mg

·    Vitamin A: 60 IU

·    Vitamin B1:0.01 mg

·    Vitamin C: 21 mg

The fruit of Sawo turns out good also for the health of pregnant women. This one fruit contains a variety of vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, vegetable proteins, iron, calories, carbohydrates and flavonoids that are good for pregnant mothers and their women.

Here we describe the benefits of consuming Sawo fruit for health and expectant mothers with a lot of benefits, including:

1. Help the formation of red blood cells
2. Maintain Bone health
3. Overcoming Mouth inflammation
4. As a drug of diarrhea
5. Good for eye health
6. Good for Growth
7. Preventing Bowel cancer
8. Overcoming canker Sores
9. Prevent premature onset
10. To treat Dysentery
11. Preserves Skin Beauty
12. Prevents infection
13. Launch the digestive system
14. Good for dental hygiene
15. Overcoming Mouth Inflammation
16. Increases immune to pregnant women
17. Overcoming nausea and vomiting in pregnant women
18. Contains Carbohydrates
19. Medication for bleeding

Fruit Sawo has a lot of healthy content that is good for health and good for pregnancy origin consumed with the appropriate dose. Fruit Sawo is also sold at a price that is quite cheap so, suitable to be used as a healthy way without having to spend a lot of costs. For those of you who are troubled in digestion so that the CHAPTER becomes less fluid, then Sawo fruit can be used as a solution in the overcome.

Well that's the will of Sawo fruit for health.

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