Benefits of Durian Aroma Kelengkeng Fruit for Health

 Benefits of Durian Aroma Kelengkeng Fruit for Health include:

• Anti-depressants

Kelengkeng provides calming effects, improves nerve function, overcomes irritation and reduces fatigue. Kelengkeng can also treat insomnia and other sleep disorders.

• Helps the work of the heart and spleen

By reducing stress and fatigue,lengkengkeng relieves the work of the heart and spleen. Kelengkeng can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

• Accelerate healing and prolong life expectancy

Along with polyphenols, kelengkeng can combat free radicals in the body and prevent cell damage.  Kelengkeng can also reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer.

• Promote blood circulation

This is why kelengkeng can be utilized to prevent anemia. In addition, kelengkeng is proven to be able to control iron levels in the body.

• Diet

Kelengkeng has very low fat and calorie content. Half a bowl of kelengkeng contains only 35 calories, the right choice for dieting.

• Energy Sources

Despite having low fats and calories, kelengkeng contains complex carbohydrates that can supply energy and increase stamina.

• Prevent Fever and Flu

There are many uses of Vitamin C for menusia, including increasing endurance and also protecting the body from fever and flu.

Benefits of Kelengkeng Fruit

• Skin Health

Kelengkeng is good for the skin because it contains ¬anti-aging material. Mainly, kelengkeng prevents skin wrinkles near the eyes, minimizes skin damage and exfoliation and brightens skin tone.

• Kelengkeng Seeds Can Treat Snake Bites

Sequencing the area bitten by a snake with kelengkeng seeds can suck the poison while healing the wound.

• Kelengkeng seeds maintain hair health

Saponins containing kelengkeng seeds are the basic ingredients of shampoo that can make hair beautiful.

• Overcomes lost appetite, weak spleen and diarrhea

Eat 60 grams of fresh limp fruit, do it twice a day in the morning and evening.

• Burns

Take a little skin or a limp shell, burn until it becomes charcoal. Mash finely and mix with tung oil (Aleuritis fordii). Put it on the burning part.

• Unrelenting Outer Wounds

Take a little skin or a limp shell, burn until it becomes charcoal. Mash finely and mix with olive oil. Apply in the wound area.

• Overcoming Itchy And Festering Toes

Take some squeaky seeds, bake over the heat. Mash until smooth, spread on the sore part.

• Amnesia, Mental Decline, Anxiety

"Squeaky tonic" (gui yan gao): 500 grams of fresh limp fruit and 500 grams of granulated sugar, simmered in water until it becomes thick. Drunk every day a spoonful. Weak body or repair west body after illness. Consume 250 grams of fresh limp fruit daily.

• Weak and Underpowered While Pregnant

Drink daily a spoonful of "squeaky tonic" in the morning and evening.

• Healthy Bowel

The fruit is also useful to healthy the intestines and improve the process of absorption of food,

• Launching Various Diseases

promote urination, overcome worming, treat headaches, whiteness and hernias.

• Urinary Decay and Blood Circulation

While the roots of the lengkeng tree are efficacious as a decay of urine and promote blood circulation.

• Anti-inflammatory and Fever Silencer

The leaves of the limp tree are efficacious as anti-inflammatory and feverening.

• Pain Relieving and Stopping Bleeding

The seeds are useful for relieving pain and stopping bleeding.

Well that is among the benefits of Durian Aroma Kelengkeng Fruit for Health. There are many other benefits, check out the article yes,, Oh yes you are interested in planting it,,? we provide superior seeds kelengkeng aroma duren and planterbagnya.

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