The Content and Benefits of Papaya Fruit for The Health of the Human Body

Papaya fruit has been known only as dessert fruit. But now, the results of the study prove other. From the roots to papaya leaves provide great benefits to humans. Not only beneficial for health, but also as a cosmetic base ingredient, and able to fight cancer.

Actually, papaya is not a plant native to Indonesia. Papaya is a plant of the family caricaceae native to Central America. This plant is widely grown in Mexico and Costa Rica. The plant can thrive in the tropics as well as sub-tropical regions. In fact, these fruit crops can grow and thrive in wet and dry areas, lowlands and highlands, such as mountainous areas with an altitude of more than 1000 meters from sea level.

Papaya trees soar into the sky

The height of this plant can reach 8-10 meters, depending on the small amount of water and nutrients in the soil. In Indonesia, papaya development centers are found in almost all of Java, South Sumatra, Bali and West Nusa Tenggara.
Papaya Content
Papaya fruit contains a variety of nutrients that are useful for the body. Such as various vitamins, betakaroten, proteins, fats and various enzymes and compounds that are very useful for the human body. "But in my opinion, the most common in papaya is vitamin A and betakaroten. The function of betakaroten is as an antioxidant," explained Bambang S. Djokolelono, an herbalist and holistic instructor who has a treatment clinic in Lubang Buaya area, East Jakarta.

The most famous compound contained in papaya is papain. This compound is famous for its function as a proteolytic or protein-breaking enzyme. Papain is now widely used in the industry, as medicine, cosmetics and textiles.

Papaya fruit is the most papain producer, which is about 400 milk clotting units (MCU) grams. Different from the stem and leaf parts of papaya that only produce 200 MCU/gram.

There are three kinds of papain produced papaya. Crude papain, refined papain and pure papain. To get the best papain, the Botanical Derivatives Catalogue usa has set papain quality standards.

If a company or country does not meet the specified standards, it is deemed unfit to enter the American and European markets. It's just that there is no clarity on how to determine the quality standards papain wants to achieve.

California papaya fruit on a tree

Benefits of Papaya

As someone who has been working in the herbal world since 2002, Bambang admits, behind its delicious taste, papaya has various benefits. "The housewives may already know one of stu's benefits of papaya sap. As it turns out, sap derived from papaya fruit can be used to speed up the process of softening meat. While papaya fruit is ripe, it is very useful to facilitate the digestive process," he explained.

According to Bambang, digestive problems are very important. If this is not addressed immediately, it will spread to other parts of the body. That's why, in China developed a pattern of traditional medicine that uses papaya as the basic ingredient of medicines. Especially to overcome indigestion, this herbalist recommends drinking an herb made from papaya.
The way, take papaya fruit of a certain size. Use papaya fruit that still has skin and seeds then blended until obtained a smooth liquid. Then strain the water and drink as much as 200 cc every three days. For those who experience digestive difficulties, this herb is believed to be able to facilitate the digestive process in just a few days.

As it turns out, papaya fruit is not only used to facilitate the digestive process. In 1997, the International Cancer Foundation announced that the content of Vitamin C and carotene in papaya fruit, able to prevent cancer. In addition, papaya fruit can also be utilized against colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer, in addition to being able to reduce the free radicals that become cancerous.

Papaya is not only beneficial for health. Currently papain content in papaya has been developed for beauty ingredients. Papain becomes the basic ingredient of making creams and facial cleansers. Because papain is believed to be able to dissolve dead cells attached to the pad of the skin detached. Like blemishes and spots on the skin. Papain is also used as a toothpaste making material, due to its function that can clean the remains of food attached to the teeth.

Papaya can also be used as a basic ingredient of acne medication. To do this, take the old papaya leaves and dry them and then pound them until smooth. After that it is added one and a half spoonfuls of water before applying on the acne-overgrown part of the face.

If papaya leaves are able to overcome acne, papaya sap is very elixir to treat the broken soles of the feet. However, often apply papaya sap on the soles of the feet that break until it heals.

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