Moringa, a plant with a variety of benefits

Kelor, I used to know this plant because my mother had a uterine tumor and by the doctor was told to drink a decoction of benalu leaves that grow in the moringa. After that I've seen people bathe corpses with moringa leaves. But after growing up I wandered and married, my wife from bugis tribe and there people used to consume moringa leaves for disayur. Since I had seen moringa leaves to bathe the corpse (he said to eliminate "science"), then I did not want to eat the leaves.

But these last few months after I read on the internet about the benefits of moringa leaves, I changed my mind. In fact I ask in my heart why plants with this myriad of benefits for so long I ignore. Finally I tried to eat kelor leaf vegetables and it tasted good.

Finally I look for kelor stems and I plant 3 stems in a large bucket of used paint in the hope that in addition to being able to add to the collection of plants can also later be taken advantage of. 

The benefits of this moringa plant include:


As a deep remedy, moringa root decoction water can cure rheumatism, epilepsy, anticorruption, diureticum, and gonorrhoea. The roots of this moringa plant are also famous as urine pelaruh, phlegm or cough medicine, menstrual straighteners, appetite enhancers and seizure reliever.

Subtle collisions of moringa root can be made powder for abdominal tapel in newborns, preventing skin irritation, skin disease drugs, as well as as parem for swelling - swelling of berries - berries and for the treatment of sore and weak legs.


Based on the results of research, the bark of kelor is efficacious as an antidote to snake and scorpion venom. In addition, applying moringa bark extract, can overcome swelling, canker sores, and tartar.


Moringa fruit is known to contain alkaloida morongiona which stimulates the digestion of food. Moringa fruit can also be cooked into delicious sour vegetables.


Moringa flower decoction water can help overcome laryngitis, flu and worms.


Moringa seeds can be used as water purifiers. In addition, it can also be used as cosmetics, medicines, as well as sources of vegetable cooking oil. Dried moringa seeds contain 40 percent unsaturated fat so that it can be used as an alternative to palm oil.


Moringa leaves are the most important and have quite a lot of properties. Based on its dry weight, moringa leaves contain about 27 percent protein and are rich in vitamins A, C, calcium, iron and phosporous.

Moringa leaves can be used to cure rheumatic diseases, worms, short-sighted chickens, difficulty urinating, festering wounds, yellow sores, stabilizing blood pressure, ansietas and serves as a controller of glucose levels for people with diabetes mellitus. Pterigospermin contained in moringa leaves, is as a skin stimulant so it is often used for body warmers.

Moringa leaves are useful as a milky saddle. While the crushing of moringa leaves can be used as a parem cover of dog bite marks and can be distributed on the breasts of nursing mothers to withstand excessive breastfeeding.

From some of the benefits / properties that exist in the moringa for now I just feel the leaves. Hopefully other benefits will also be obtained in the future.

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